About Think5Matters

think5matters vertThis is a blog to explore ideas of science!

You will get to see book reviews on science related topics, essays (generally op-ed), and posts that explain the why?, how?, and what else? of scientific breakthroughs and their background theories.

After a long absence, this blog has come back better than ever to bring you material for your information and to start discussions on our modern world. I invite you to participate and get this science conversation started.

>If you would like to contribute with an essay, or recommend a book for me to review, or simply to say hi, please send me an email at think5matters@gmail.com. Think5Matters is also on twitter (@think5matters).


About the author

My name is Leslie Pineda. I am a freelance science writer and overall science enthusiast with a BSc in Health Sciences, which makes me generally interested in health and medicine, but by no means do I shy away from computing and technology!

My goal is to talk science as an academic (or not) and  discuss ideas relevant to our future, past, and present. I am a firm believer that well-informed conversations will help us build a better future.